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Unconscious Thoughts

Unconscious Thoughts is a series of short stories based on the dreams that I remember having. Although I remember a great deal of these dreams, I can assure you that I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

These dreams can range from being utterly ridiculous to mildly concerning, please enjoy.

Titles include;

Late For Work

Bad Decisions

An Ordinary Day

Late For Work

The day is young, it's just barely begun. I'm in the mountains, surrounded by trees and bird song. It's peaceful, almost blissful, but I must move.

The sunshine is warm on my skin as I break into a light jog. It takes me a moment to realise that I am, in fact, not alone on my descent down the mountain.

Surrounding me is my trusty companions, whom I've known for years. Emphasis on trusty, as they adorn the same outfit - or rather lack thereof. Our skin is bare for the world to see, only a pair of tighty-whities cover our shame. Strange as this may be, I find myself unconcerned, even as I notice that I too have been stripped of gender and in its stead, a fresh baguette protrudes from the back of the tighty-whities.

As we descend further down the mountain I blink and suddenly within my grasp is a warm slab of meat. A pork roast to be precise. I carry it without a second thought, just accepting that this is now what must be done.

The path we follow comes to a clearing in the trees with a sheer drop into a small river. The rocks and earth near the ledge are unstable, crumbling under themselves. We avoid it as best we can but soon after the ground beneath us quakes with a vengeance, then the land tears in two by an unforeseen force, carrying my friends and I into the air.

Panic-stricken, we attempt to wriggle out of its grasp but find that the mound of earth that came with us has formed into a shape with its own gravitational pull. I begin to run uncoordinated around the earthly bicep with the warm pork roast clutched tautly to my chest. With my friends in tandem, we make several laps around, what I assume is God's bicep, before the muscles flex then release us back onto the path we were following. I stumble with the shift in gravity then launch the roast into the river below to appease the bicep so that it never plucks me from the earth again.

The journey thereafter is pleasant. The only sounds to be heard are the songs sung by the birds and the rushing water below. Our breath, despite the exorcise, is unlaboured and even. As if our actions hold little to no power against them.

Eventually, we come to the base of the mountain where there's a handful of people standing and staring blankly into a canal that feeds into the river. These people are properly dressed, right down to their feet, but don't bat an eye at us. Even our baguettes are treated fairly.

I come to a halt in my jog, seeing up ahead that one of those people is someone I know, of whom I cannot face. I swivel around to face my companions, my hands clutching my face. "Help! You can't let them see me!" My voice is alien, laced with panic and confusion, and my dear friends nod to me before approaching the person directing their attention away from me so that I can pass.

This is where our paths split ways, I climb a very small hill that's surrounded by dense bushes and foliage directing me to a wall of solid snow with a perfectly cut square hole in the center. I understand what I must do. I take a running start towards the wall, leap and toss myself through the small opening.

Suddenly, I find myself in a frozen tundra. A snowstorm coming hard and fast, but the cold doesn't affect me. I am now a tiger, running on all fours, dodging the on slot of attacks from a very angry creature that stands tall as a house.

The sun has long since set but darkness is only now falling. I sprint past the creature as it slips on ice and shatters into a million pieces. I'm working against the clock, I need to get home. The thought urges me to push myself to the limits. Before I know it there is another wall of snow in front of me, with another small opening in the center. Again I take a running start and leap through the hole and transform back into myself. I sigh, the only thought in my head is I'm going to be late for work.

Bad Decisions

It's a typical Scottish day with showers of rain one minute and sunshine the next. There's a chill in the air and the day is passing by uneventfully, but what can you do.

I'm sat at the dinner table, happy as Larry, watching the rain come down again with my aunt and mum next to me when my brother and cousin enter the room. We sit in comfortable silence as they distract themselves with their phones, the odd giggle here and there at whatever comes onscreen. After a few minutes, my brother gasps, thrusting his mobile into my cousin's face. We take no heed of what they discuss until they stand to leave.

"It's just down by the center." My brother spoke with a smile.

My mum and aunt turned to face them. "What's at the center?" They asked, earning them the attention of the two.

"They have aquatic cobras, we're gonna go have a look." I snapped my head in their direction, my mum and aunt's eyes were wide with worry.

We each begin trying to convince them not to go. "Don't go," I pleaded, "you'll be killed!" They both just laughed, stating that the cobras were not, in fact, real. At that moment I knew what was to be, that they would not listen - that they would be killed. Dread filled me to the brim, I felt the tears well up in my eyes as I watched them dismiss our pleas with amused smiles as they stepped out into the rain.

The minutes felt like hours waiting for them to come home. But they never did.

My mum received a phone call stating that they both had been bitten and the venom killed them within minutes. I felt devastated beyond words.

A few days pass by before we get a letter in the mail. Perplexed, my mum opens it to be met with a court date for my brother's and cousin's death. It is signed for the same day, we rush to get ourselves presentable.

We arrive at the court, with the sun blinding us even as we step indoors. Before us is a guilty-looking brother and cousin. We rush over, giving them a stern talking to over their stupidity, and shed a few angry tears.

The court goes into session with even the judge frowning at their actions. Not only did they go to see the aquatic cobras, but they tried to fight them. With bare hands, no less. With a shake of his head, the judge passes his judgment. Their punishment is to defeat a super cobra. What is a super cobra? In a lot of ways, a super cobra is like a normal, standard cobra, but with that said in many more ways, it is not. For a start they are made up of fifty normal cobras, coiled around each other and they levitate in the air.

Once we stood outside the courtroom, believing this to be the last time we see our family members, we naturally call them every possible name under the sun, with them, reassuring us that they can't possibly lose to a super cobra as they simply "don't exist".

The two are swept away by the law and find themselves in a room with no walls. Floating in an empty void. The first two super cobras are released, floating menacingly towards them like the Boos from Mario.

First, my brother and cousin try to flee but find no luck as two more are released behind them. With nowhere to run nor a place to hide, they begin to swing their arms in every which way, even clattering against each other before grazing the air around the super cobra. My brother screams, frowns, and then throws a punch at the creature. Before his fist can connect with it, it goes straight through, destroying it in a puff of smoke.

Once the cobras were defeated, the two returned home. Not even five minutes through the door and they set their sights on seeing some bears down in the town center.

The sky is grey and the air has a slight nip to it. I'm jogging through the forest in nought but a tee-shirt and jeans, but I don't feel the cold. 

Behind me there is footfall from an unseen creature, its gaining fast but I'm nearing the forests edge. I must reach it.

As I come close to the clearing, I dread to find wh+

+o or what has been following me and the only option I have to hide is to throw my body in a crumpled heap on the dirt path down the very slight hill. So I toss myself to the forest floor, lay in the dirt as the steps grow closer still and every second feels like hours. Every step echoes within my ears. My eyes are closed. My chest feels tight. Closer, closer they sound, and then before me they stop.

There is a moment of silence where all I hear is my ragged breathing.

"Lucy?" I know this voice. "What are you doin down there?"

I open my eyes and to my surprise before me is not a monster with horns or hooves, but a man. Specifically, my elder cousin Laurence.

"Oh, its just you Laurie." I sigh with a smile, lifting myself from the dirt.

Laurence quirks a brow at me, a hand on his hip.

"What did you think I was? A moose?"

Admittidly, yes. I did think he was a moose - and as for why I cannot explain. There was just such dread that there was a moose after me and didn't think to question it.

After that Laurence says goodbye and scampers off barefoot, and I turn my attention to the concrete path that leads to a park.

The playground is empty, completely devoid of any life but myself. Its an odd feeling, I'm drawn in. The sky is no longer a cold grey but a warm pink and orange. One that reminds me of summer 2016, where the rain fall was so soft and the sky was full of colour, a time where life felt like living. It was odd.

As I get close to the swingset, behind me is a chuft. Deep but close. I turn towards the sound to find a panther. A long and elegant looking thing, lay calm as a cucumber upon the bark of the playgrounds floor. It pushes to stand and readies to pounce, meanwhile I stare at it blankly questioning why theres a panther in the park. It leaps towards me and misses by a mile - going completely over my head and the swings. I run. I run towards the climbing frame with the panther hot on my heels.

Suddenly the creature is before me and it has one claw drawn and aims for my left big toe. I'd laugh if I wasn't so full of panic, as the panther stabs my big toe and pins me where I stand. Thankfully my left big toe is numb. Otherwise I'd probably be in a world of pain, but I am trapped. It has me pinned.

I guess I'm dinner now. Agh, well. It is what it is.

As I accept my fate and am ready to be eaten, the panther releases me and runs off with its tail between its legs. Its a peculiar reaction, considering it wanted to eat me so badly a moment before. I'm a little hurt by that reaction, really.

I look behind me again and I'm met with a lion. He's smiling at me and makes no move to attack.

An Ordinary Day

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