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Photo Gallery


For me, photography is a hobby. Merely something I dabble with in my free time, but I really do enjoy it.

When I go for a gander on my bike, with the dogs or around the area with my friends, I usually take my camera - just in case I really need to take a photo.

Like my artwork, I get bored easily and one subject matter cannot keep my poor attention span busy for long enough so from portraits to landscape to still life, I'll give it a go.

My subjects depend on the weather - literally. If its grey out and raining, you will find me recording the rain or photographing the visiting wildlife. When its hot and sunny, I tend to travel farther afield - usually with my two dogs in tow.
My favourite subject has to be my pets and wildlife. I find it exciting to see what I've captured.

I've been here and there around Scotland, due to my ex-partner and I going on a ten-day road trip in 2019 and a gander every so often on our days off.
I've visited Aviemore, Glen Coe, Durness, Falkirk, St Fillans, Killin, and many other areas on a spontaneous gander or during the road trip.
Perth and Kinross are mostly photographed, seeing as I live there, I know more places to walk with my dogs.

Rain Videos