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For me, photography is a hobby. Merely something I dabble with in my free time, but I really do enjoy it.

When I go for a gander on my bike, with the dogs or around the area with my friends, I usually take my camera - just in case I really need to take a photo.

Like my artwork, I get bored easily and one subject matter cannot keep my poor attention span busy for long enough so from portraits to landscape to still life, I'll give it a go.

My subjects depend on the weather - literally. If its grey out and raining, you will find me recording the rain or photographing the visiting wildlife. When its hot and sunny, I tend to travel farther afield - usually with my two dogs in tow.
My favourite subject has to be my pets and wildlife. I find it exciting to see what I've captured.

I've been here and there around Scotland, due to my ex-partner and I going on a ten-day road trip in 2019 and a gander every so often on our days off.
I've visited Aviemore, Glen Coe, Durness, Falkirk, St Fillans, Killin, and many other areas on a spontaneous gander or during the road trip.
Perth and Kinross are mostly photographed, seeing as I live there, I know more places to walk with my dogs.

Rain Videos

My Pets and Photography

More often than not my pets come to star in my photography.
I have two dogs and three cats.
In July 2019, we lost Pudgy to cancer, taking us from five cats down to four; then lost Tara in September 2020 to old age; Deedee to cancer in June 2021 then Mufasa two weeks later. We now have Jonesy, a white cat, and Brodie the border collie, who both joined the family in July 2021.

There are many reasons why I take so many photos of my pets. One of which is because they act so cute my mum screams for me to hurry over to see what happened - this, unsurprisingly, gives me a heart attack each time - and then I snap some photos of them amidst my slowly calming heart rate.
Another reason I tend to snap a lot of photos of my pets is for personal reasons rather than for making some cash. As I mentioned previously we lost Pudgy to cancer, and although I took many photos of her, I am fearful to lose another.
I had grown up with Tara and Deedee, but while I was growing up, I often forget that they were growing old.
Now Tara had arthritis and could no longer tackle stairs. Long walks for hours upon hours are many moons behind us. Deedee was as dottled as ever, she had never been a gracious cat - far from nimble and quiet - but she slowly started to show her age.
Pudgy and Hector came to us as a set. In 2017, my granny passed away. It was a difficult time, Hector was young and Pudgy was distraught. They found comfort in us, just as we did in them.
Mufasa's arrival was expected as we had lost one of our cats back in 2013 - Deedee's brother, Dexter - was struck by a car on the road outside of our house.
For Maia, I convinced my mum to get because I figured Mufasa would be lonely. They are only a few months apart - and they bonded instantly. Inseparable for months to come - until Maia got sick fed up of the sight of him. They would give each other a skelp every so often... it all is good fun... I'm sure.
Godzilla came as a shock to us back in 2014 as it was my mum's birthday. My friend and I were making a birthday cake for her, and my aunt came in with a box that she announced had a cake in it - which was instant shock horror to little fourteen year old me - but thankfully when the lid was lifted we discovered that inside was not a cake at all. 

As I'm sure you can tell, I am a very sentimental person and each of my pets are special to me. Each has their own minds, bodies, and souls - no two are the same.
I dread the future in which I must update this page from what is to what was. For now, I will continue to share these moments until the very last one.

First posted mid-2020
Updated on 26thth December 2021

Wildlife Photography

When I find myself going for a gander I often take my camera along. The routes I walk, I've been along so many times I could go blindfolded and still find my way. Its not as impressive as it sounds. If I were walking through the woods then it would be an accomplishment. No, instead the routs I walk are along the canal, the river and by the inch. All of which always have a few wandering folks - not that I mind the company.

On my ganders, often accompanied by none other than me, myself and I, I meet with the heron - down in the Lade, fishing for his dinner. I see the moorhen relaxing in the water, either in the Lade or on the inch. The coot, a strange looking fella with some odd looking feet, is usually spotted on the inch. I've yet to find him in other areas but I'm sure he's there.