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Art Gallery

Welcome to my gallery where I showcase my artwork and their series.

I work in an array of different styles, subjects, and mediums with my art. From monochromatic watercolour landscapes; dotwork (pointillism) insects; coloured pencil portraits and more.

The majority of my artwork has a point or reason to be. Usually, I use my work as a means to express myself and whatever I'm going through - be it grief or daily struggle - but as often as I do this, I also enjoy creating things that I think are beautiful.

For a better understanding of my artwork and myself, check my work below as I have arranged my works by series and style.

Styles / Themes

My styles and themes are constantly changing and adapting to whatever subject I choose. An example of this is my monochromatic watercolour series, as I chose scenes from places I knew very well and some of which don't exist to me anymore, hense the dreamlike blue memory of a time long gone.

Endangered Artwork Series

I created this small collection after watching a series of videos talking about the effects of our society on the natural world, and with witnessing gits effects, I was heartbroken. I created this series as a means to donate money to charity with some of the proceedings.

Original artworks, using a variety of medium including watercolour, pencil, ink and dried flowers. 

Dotwork Artwork

A style I picked up from a friend at college, Megan Dyke (Instagram account; qcknddoodles_ ). 

Original artworks using fine liner pens and ink.

Monochromatic Artwork Collection

Scenery in monochromatic blue watercolour.

I created these small pieces just so that I could make something I thought was beautiful.

Original artwork in watercolour.

Watercolour Cat Illustration Series

A short series of watercolour illustrations depicting my pets in beautiful scenery.

I created this series after Pudgy had passed away, I felt compelled to paint her when I felt my grief weigh on me. I ended up painting my other pets as I realised they won't be around forever so I wanted to immortalise them in my work.

Original artworks in watercolour and ink.

Mini Watercolour Scenery Painting Collection

A series of my watercolour scenery paintings. I started painting these in August 2019 and I am still adding to the series.

Original artworks in watercolour.

Character Artwork Collection

A collection of the character artworks I've created. The style varies with different characters. 

Villainous characters I tend to portray in dotwork, however, I ended up painting the Dragon Ball Z villains in watercolour.

Animal Illustrations

A series of illustrations using both ink and coloured pencils. Animals such as snakes, poison dart frogs and beta fish have been drawn in this style that I perfected for this series.

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