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Me, myself and I

Aspiring artist / Hobbiest photographer / Amateur writer

Hello, my name is Lucy. My full name is a bit of a mouthful - Lucy May Williamson-Bruscaglia - and I was born on February 8th in the year 2000 and was brought up with my two older brothers in Perth, Scotland. 

Art has been present within my life since the moment I could pick up a pencil. With my father talented at painting and sketching, my eldest brother too talented and keen - even my cousins enjoy a doodle every so often. With me being the youngest, I was able to pick up things quick and mass produce drawings for my siblings from the age of 5.. of which they told me I had drawn too much and they had no more room for my 'art'. 

That was back in the day when drawing on the walls was as good as street art. From then until 2014 I would refuse to touch a paintbrush or refuse to use colour. Now I take it slower, relax and breathe; pick up my pencils, my paints and pots and draw the things that mean the most to me.

Inspiration comes in many forms, for me I find myself entranced by nature; the birds, bees, ocean and trees. Sunsets, galaxies, flowers and people. If you look for the beauty in everything, the world becomes a bit brighter; and you too enjoy the process of the painting. I tend to vary with my medium as well as subject; I get bored easily and like to mix it up - while other times it can just be because I felt inspired by other artists work. I mainly work with acrylic paint, fine liners, ink, pastel, pencils, and watercolour; out of these I would say I work more with coloured pencils.

I like the difference in every medium or brand; it holds its own individuality by giving the artwork a different atmosphere with how delicate or harsh, simple or detailed it may be.

For hobbies and interests, I have a few; I like reading and writing, drawing and painting. Comic books, manga, novels and short stories, just anything written and themed fantasy or hero, I'll be there. For drawing and painting, I guess one can see; I enjoy it all from head-to-toe, portraits, landscapes pretty much anything that is pleasing to the eye - or gives a giggle, now that's art. I also dry flowers and use them in my artwork; I've only done this a few times but it is catching on. Photography is a hobby, I'm not an expert but I think its fun.

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