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Aspiring artist

Lucy Bruscaglia

Scottish aspiring artist


About me

My name is Lucy Williamson-Bruscaglia; I was born on February 8th 2000 in Perth, Scotland. I currently live in Perth and I attended Perth UHI (Perth College) and studied Contemporary Art.


My love and appreciation for art began at a young age watching Bob Ross with my father and brothers, and my eldest brother, Tony, teaching me the basics of shading, shape, tone and line. With the techniques my brother taught me, I would turn up to school with a drawing based on a lesson the day prior. 


Art is my passion; I find inspiration through the things around me and the feelings within me. I adore nature; landscapes, wildlife and plant life - I don't shy from portraiture either. I use a variety of mediums within my work, such as; oil, ink, pastel, pencil, and watercolour.

Other Projects / Interests



In my spare time, between drawing and working, you can often find me with my camera perched by the windowsill awaiting the birds to come for their feed.

On the rainy days, I go out and record the rain falling. On sunny days I go for a gander with my dogs. Sometimes I stay home and snap some photos of my pets in their natural habitat.

Photography is more of a hobby for me, although I thoroughly enjoy it, I still have much to learn.

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I have always enjoyed reading and writing. Often when I feel at my most vulnerable all I am able to do is record the feeling with my words when my hands can't express my emotions.

I find myself writing at night when the world is dark and the people are asleep. It's soothing to feel nothing and yet everything when you're off into your own world with only yourself.

Writing is something I've always enjoyed but I do have much to learn yet.

Interested in my stories or poems?

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"



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Perth and Kinross, UK

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